Thanks for your interest in our unique, handmade feline entertainment devices (aka cat toys).  We are a small family-owned business. We take great pride in the quality and construction of our products.  

A good toy does more than provide entertainment for your pet. A quality toy engages your cat’s need for mental and physical exercise.  

Our toys are not only unique and fun; they offer a variety of different textures, experiences, and sensations to stimulate healthy play and encourage better physical and mental health.

Daily play allows your pet to exercise his natural hunting instincts in a non-destructive way.  Regular exercise also improves your cat’s behavior and promotes longevity.

We believe in our motto: “An active cat is a happy cat.”

Our versatile toys come in a variety of lengths. They can be hung on a ceiling hook, placed on a window, or tossed on the floor.  Kitty will appreciate all the doodads and whatsits attached to our CatCrame toys and humans will enjoy the quality, durability, and cute appearance.

Each toy is handmade and a bit different. When we say our toys are unique we really mean it.  No two are ever exactly the same. Each one will include a variety of different items cats love, all sewn or knotted on firmly.

Items we use include wine corks, jingle balls, bells, pipe cleaners, feathers, large buttons and beads, yarn pom-poms, crinkle balls, felt, ribbon strips and more.  Every toy features a blend of textures and sounds.

Thanks again for your interest in CatCrame toys.  If you have further questions or would like to consider carrying our toys we are excited to speak with you.  


Nick and Chris